The most fun you can have with porn. In public.

Tickets to Oct 27, 2023's "Pornomedy: Horror Edition"

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Monica Hamburg's comedy panel show has comedians riffing on the weird world of porn - with screenshot of the strangeness. 

Uploaders delude themselves with misleading tags, unhelpful titles, online arguments about user-created animated fuck oevres - and much, much more! 

Next show: "Pornomedy: Horror Edition" - on Friday, October 27th at 8pm. 

In this edition: Complaints about the realism of a film about Satan having sex with an alien, high standards for monster sex, romantic fantasies about Gremlins, and much, much more!  

Previous Shows

"Pornomedy" has been popular and/or Sold Out at:

Montreal Comiccon 2023 
Ottawa Comiccon 2022  
Montreal Comiccon 2022 (Full house)
- Oct 22, 2021 at Freestanding Room (Sold out)
-  2019 Montreal Comiccon
- 2019 Fringe After Dark (Sold Out)
- 2019 Festival De La Bete Noire (Montreal)
- 2018 "New Forms Festival" (Toronto)

​Online shows - on YouTube

(Photo above: by Kathy Slamen)

Pornomedy Podcast!


This show is a podcast too! 
(Monica & a guest explore an assortment of odd user-named porn-titles, confounding tags, weird comments - and more!)

Pornomedy originally premiered at the Festival of New Formats, Toronto 2018. 

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