The most fun you can have with porn. In public.

Next Shows: Feb 21st & Feb 23rd

As Part of La Festival De La Bête Noire, Monica presents a special Pornomedy Horror Edition! This comedy panel show has 4 comedians riffing on the weird world of horror porn - with screenshot of the strangeness.   

Complaints about the realism of a film about Satan having sex with an alien, high standards for monster sex, fantasies about Gremlins, and much, much more! This show's got it all!

Hosted by: Monica Hamburg
Hilarious Panel Guests: Jacob Meza, Peter J. Radomski & Inés P. Anaya

At: Mainline Theatre, 3997 St Laurent (514-849-3378)

---2 Shows: 60 minutes each. Shows start on time.---

Thursday Feb 21 at 10pm

Saturday Feb 23 at 4pm

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Pornomedy originally premiered at the Festival of New Formats, Toronto 2018.   

(Photo credits - Above: by Kathy Slamen, to right: by Krissia Valiente)